With the long-awaited Chinese industrial conference in Dothan ending, local city and business leaders are assessing the event and what it could mean for the area.

Headland Mayor Ray Marler said Tuesday the conference brought the chance to "interact with people from different cultures. Hopefully, we'll get more chances to interact in the future."

Marler said local cities had the chance to meet with "a lot of consultants with different firms. They seemed genuine. They seemed sincere. We had hoped to sit down with more business owners. I hope we planted a seed. I hope it attracted somebody's attention who will get back in touch with us somewhere down the road."

Marler thanked the county and  chambers of commerce representatives from Headland and Abbeville who worked to hard to bring attention to the area. "Our booth was second to none. Everybody did a great job."

Back on the local front, Marler said the city's Main Street project is 95 percent complete. Bike lane symbols will be put down in coming days and it will be officially open for use. He also said Polyengineering is putting the final touches on plans for a six-street paving project in the city.

In other areas, a produce market is being planned for the old Wex-Tex building, and the city is looking into reworking the tennis and basketball courts at Douglas Park. There are plans for soccer fields and a track surrounding them, as well as a new concession stand at Golden Field.

Turned down on its initial try, the city is reapplying for funds that will bring added sidewalks to areas of the city and bring others into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act rules. There are also plans for paving of the parking lot at the Burdeshaw-Solomon Senior Center.

"It sounds like a lotta goals, but we're ready to get to work," the mayor said.
Marler also thanked city residents for shopping in the city. Because of this, sales tax revenues are up this year.