In an effort to increase efficiency and lower operational costs, Headland is looking at joining a growing list of cities going to electronic water meters. Members from two of the leading companies in the industry met with the city council Tuesday night.

"The meter you see here, we actually pour in Tallassee," said Kevin Smith of Neptune Technology Group, which is located in that city. "Everything is covered from there."

Smith showed the council how the system works, explaining the increased efficiency of the meters and other advantages. They can be read faster, are accurate up to 1/10 of a gallon, will show leaks and the time period involved, and have backflow meter capabilities which can look for such problems as water heater failures. They also record 96 days of hourly information. "You're protecting yourself and protecting the customers," he said.

Mayor Ray Marler said the city would be looking at phasing the system in over a period of time, and is seriously considering such a move in the near future.

The council approve three resolutions involving economic development and city infrastructure. Resolution 9-2014-A involved a local match for a CDBG economic development infrastructure program, with 9-2014-B involving sewage work. Both were in regards to plans at Todd Syrup Farm & Country Market. Resolution 9-2014-C involved ALDOT Project STPAA-NR13 (907), a project of curb ramp installations in the city.

The council approved 2014 water write-offs. Marler said the amount is down from last year, totaling $11,871.46. Also on the subject, the council will be reviewing the city's policy involving late fees and charges on water bills.

City Clerk Heather Shippey Etheredge presented the council preliminary copies of a new employee handbook for their review. The handbook has under review and revision for a number of months.

The mayor thanked city residences and business for their understanding as work is continuing on the phone system in the new municipal complex. There have been instances where calls would not reach the intended extensions.