2020 has been the perfect storm for the City of Headland’s Street Department, but Jason Singletary, Public Works Director for Headland, has great news for Headland. The new knuckle boom truck is now in operation. “I would like to say a big thank you to all of Headland citizens for being patient and understanding,” Singletary said.

Singletary recounts the challenges 2020 has brought to the Street Department team.

First, we entered the year one truck down from normal. The new truck was approved and ordered in October 2019 with anticipated delivery in March or April of 2020. Next came COVID-19. Everybody was home! I can assure you every barn, storage shed, closet and flower bed were cleaned out! Add in during this time we are trying to operate with half crews due to the pandemic. For Headland that now means one truck down and only three men a day working. The streets of Headland began to remind me of Hurricane Michael. Along with COVID-19 came the reduction of people in manufacturing which slowed the new truck being built and delivered. Our city experienced two wind storms and a tornado passed just miles north of us. Adding more debris! Of course, 2020 would not surrender. Every pecan tree is loaded causing limbs to snap from the weight.

“For the Street Department team it has been a daunting task to even try to get caught up,” said Singletary. “These men are my heroes of 2020. They never quit.”

Thank you: Bobby Durry, Bobby Stinson, Steve Ezell, Lawrence Carver and Stanley Howard.

The Mayor, City Council and employees of Headland take great pride in working to keep Headland clean and presentable. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time, as we work to get our great city cleaned up.