Selfie Scavenger Hunt



Celebrate the Good Life selfie

  1. Get a photo in front of the Headland 150 logo at HNB First on the Square
  2. Take a photo of yourself at the Gazebo on the Square.
  3. Give your best salute in front of the Dough Boy Statue
  4. Snap a photo showing your Ram Pride with the Ram at Headland High School
  5. Make a face as sweet as syrup in front of the World’s Largest Syrup Bottle at Todd Farms.
  6. Get a photo of yourself showing off your dance moves with the Dancing Dave Peanut at Morris Park.
  7. Get a picture of yourself catching up on some reading at the Blanche Solomon Memorial Library.
  8. Snap a selfie at Misty’s Hair Salon at the Headland Main Street photo op spot.
  9. Get a photo that is out of this world on the TLC Photography Studio at the “Over the Moon” Instagram Spot
  10. Get a photo having fun at Douglas Park; play on the playground, stop by the tennis courts or enjoy some ball.
  11. Say thanks to our men and women who keep our city safe, take a photo on the “H” in the Judicial Building.
  12. Snap a photo of yourself with your favorite oak tree on the square.
  13. Get a photo by the Headland Municipal Airport Sign
  14. Capture the moment of admiring the mural on HNB First downtown location
  15. Take a photo of you taking a bite at your favorite Headland Restaurant



  • Be respectful of those around you while completing the challenges.
  • No illegal parking; No trespassing while working on the scavenger hunt.
  • No inappropriate photos.
  • After you make all your 15 photos, post on Facebook by “checking in” at the City of Headland, and upload/post your pictures to the City of Headland Facebook page with #Headland150
  • Photos may be taken on different days, but they must all be posted on the same check in day.
  • You are encouraged to work in groups or teams, but all participants must upload their own photos.
  • Questions? Email
  • All completed entries will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a City of Headland 150th Celebration basket. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.




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