Friday, 27th January 2023
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    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

    headland official seal 200x200  

    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

  • headland official seal 200x200

    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

    headland official seal 200x200  

    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

  • headland official seal 200x200

    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

    headland official seal 200x200  

    City of Headland

    Gem of the Wiregrass

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As the new fiscal year is getting underway, the Headland City Council adopted the budget that will carry the city through the next 12 months.

"I hope we made all the changes we talked about," Mayor Ray Marler said, asking the council to look over the numbers and make sure they met members' approval. "It's been kind of a busy couple of weeks."

The budget projects total revenues of $3,408,550 and expenses of $3,058,250, for a projected net income of $350,300.

Beautification department gearing up for holidays;
season will kick off Saturday with Harvest Day

They're out there year round. Every day, you can see members of the Headland Beautification Department working in or around the square or other areas of the city. But, as the days begin to get shorter, the work takes on a new urgency. Just around the corner is... holiday season!

With only a few days until Harvest Day, Beautification Superintendent Joyce Simmons' crew is hitting the ground running early each morning. Borrowing a line from "Smoky And The Bandit":  They've got a long way to go... and a short time to get there.

Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, has announced the agency will resume the periodic mailing of Social Security Statements -- once every five years for most workers-- while encouraging everyone to create a secure My Social Security Account to immediately access their statement online, anytime. The statement is a valuable financial planning tool providing workers age 18 and older with important individualized information regarding their earnings, tax contributions, and estimates for future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.

Headland celebrated homecoming the week of Sept. 22, with the annual parade held the 25th. One of the favorite activities of the week, it drew entries from throughout the area. Among those taking part were representatives from the city. In the top picture, Police Chief Mark Jones maneuvered his Charger along the route with lights flashing and siren blaring. Below, members of the city's fire department and EMT program were on hand to remind participants and those watching to be careful.

Councilmen Jody Singleton and Kendrick Spurling

Headland High School's annual homecoming parade drew entries of all kinds Sept. 25 as it made its way around the city. Among those taking part were representatives of city government. Councilmen Jody Singleton and Kendrick Spurling wheeled a golf cart along the parade route near the front of the line.

In an effort to increase efficiency and lower operational costs, Headland is looking at joining a growing list of cities going to electronic water meters. Members from two of the leading companies in the industry met with the city council Tuesday night.

"The meter you see here, we actually pour in Tallassee," said Kevin Smith of Neptune Technology Group, which is located in that city. "Everything is covered from there."

Smith showed the council how the system works, explaining the increased efficiency of the meters and other advantages. They can be read faster, are accurate up to 1/10 of a gallon, will show leaks and the time period involved, and have backflow meter capabilities which can look for such problems as water heater failures. They also record 96 days of hourly information. "You're protecting yourself and protecting the customers," he said.

Mayor Ray Marler said the city would be looking at phasing the system in over a period of time, and is seriously considering such a move in the near future.

The 2014 Dixie Youth State Tournament got underway with special ceremonies Friday night. The reigning champion, Headland, arrived in style aboard a city fire truck. Lights were flashing and sirens blaring to let everyone at Douglas Park the top team from last year was on its way. Headland’s first game was Sunday afternoon and it was a good start to the title defense as the local players beat Beauregard 1-0 in a great pitching and defensive effort by both teams.

The City of Headland has moved it's administrative offices to the new Headland Municipal Complex located at 25 Grove Street.  This facility will house offices for the Mayor, City Clerk, Water / Wastewater Department, Street Department,  E-911, city administrative assistants and the Headland Chamber of Commerce. The former City Hall is now the Judicial Building housing the Police Department, City Court Magistrate, City Court and Council Meeting chamber. Read on to view photos!

2014-walmart-groundbreakingMayor Ray Marler and Probate Judge/Commission Chairman David Money sent dirt flyingThough construction has already begun, the official journey of Headland's new Wal-Mart Express began last Friday with ceremonies at the site.

Headland Mayor Ray Marler and Henry County Probate Judge/Commission Chairman David Money, wielding golden shovels, broke ground on the project. They were joined by a group of area Wal-Mart managers and Headland officials.
Both Marler and Money shared their excitement about the new addition to the local economy. They thanked Wal-Mart for having faith in Headland and Henry County, saying presence of such a quality company would be a boon to the economy and job market.

"The store is going to employ 20-25," said Wal-Mart Marketing Assistant Carolyn Broadwater. "It will have a pharmacy, gas station, and a selection of groceries and general merchandise. This is going to be a good thing for the city. It's going to generate tax dollars for the county and the city."

Though announcements have been made by other local cities of Wal-Mart Express locations coming, Ms. Broadwater emphasized the Headland store would be "the first Wal-Mart Express in the state of Alabama to be opening." A target date of late September-early October has been set.

Headland Farmers Market

This year’s growing season is underway and local shoppers like Pat Rister, right, began benefitting from the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables Friday as the Headland Farmers Marker kicked off its series of appearances on the square. With the oaks providing plenty of shade, many took advantage of the newly-picked goodies in what has become an anticipated annual tradition. The market is slated to run Fridays from 3-7 p.m. through July 25. For more information, contact the Henry County Extension Service.

2014-05-07-economic-lessons-1Students at Headland High School learned some first-hand lessons in economics May 7 as they took part in the “Reality Check“ program at the school. Each student was given an individual identity and life situation, such as a single parent with three children. They were then given a fixed amount of money to live on and led through billable purchases, such as cars, food, power, insurance and others.  Volunteers from various city businesses and teachers were on hand to give the students a healthy dose of realism during their search. In the top photo, Mayor Ray Marler and City Clerk Heather Shippey operated a “store” were students bought food. In the bottom photo, the students lined up to purchase insurance.


Headland Police Department "Drunk Busters" program at Headland High

The Headland Police Department presenting lessons on the effects of alcohol to students at Headland High recently. And not one drop was consumed. The students wore “drunk goggles” as part of the “Drunk Busters” program. The goggles simulated the effects of alcohol, with students asked to perform tasks to the best of their ability while wearing them. There was a great deal of staggering and missed basketball shots throughout the day, with the police department feeling the message was well received by the students.

Mayor and Council honors Library Board Members

Three Solomon Library Board Members were honored for their 38 years of service to the facility during the Headland City Council meeting Tuesday night. On hand were, front row, from the left, Mayor Ray Marler, Librarian Joan Moulton, Don McGriff (representing board member honoree and his wife, Betty), honoree Nell Parker, honoree Zona Gayle Baxter, Board Member Roberta Childs, Board Member Rose Reeves, and library employees Beth Tew and Barbara DeShazo. Back row, from the left, are Council Members Michael Roland, Joe Falkner, Jody Singleton and Kendrick Spurling.


The city of Headland is growing, and to keep up with that growth, the city council is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of local residents. They took another step in that direction Tuesday by approving the lease of the old Alabama Power building on the square for city administrative use.

"I think this will be a great asset to our city, especially bringing in some county business to join hands with us," Mayor Ray Marler said. The current city hall is bursting at the seams with offices and the new building will give the city room to grow while allowing for better services to the public.


New Headland District Three Councilman Michael Roland knew he wanted to serve the city one day, but that day got here quicker than expected. He was recently recommended to take the place of John Mellown, who had moved out of the district.

"This was actually something I had thought of doing... only not this soon," Roland said. "When the opportunity came available and I was approached about it, I decided now was a good time."

This year's event will bring changes

For the second year in a row, Headland will be the host city for the Dixie Majors State Baseball Tournament. The awarding was made April 6.

Think of it as a huge garage sale, for the government. Almost anything you would ever want, many times more than one example, are available. Put this together, and you have GovDeals.

"It's where we sell equipment we need to get rid of," said Headland Police Chief Mark Jones. "It's very reputable. It stops all that yah-yah stuff."

With the long-awaited Chinese industrial conference in Dothan ending, local city and business leaders are assessing the event and what it could mean for the area.

Headland Mayor Ray Marler said Tuesday the conference brought the chance to "interact with people from different cultures. Hopefully, we'll get more chances to interact in the future."

What began with fears of heavy rain and thunderstorms cleared with the passing clouds and the most successful "PawsFest" ever was held Saturday on the square.

"I think everybody had a blast," CHARM Board Member Jo Geisler said Monday morning. "The weather panned out fine. We set a record for fundraising. And the vendors had a good day."

While the amount of sleep Headland firemen get certainly varies, the quality won't. Sealy Mattress and Mattress U.S.A. donated six sets of mattresses and box springs to the Headland Fire Department March 26. "It means so much to us to be a part of the Headland community," said Mattress U.S.A. owner Dan Corley, explaining he lives in Henry County and his family has roots that run deep here.