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City of Headland, Alabama
City of Headland, Alabama

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Headland—Looking to the future, honoring the past

Community InformationSince Dr. Joshua J. Head purchased the land upon which Headland sits in 1871, the area first known as “Head’s Land” has prospered. From the initial timber industry, which furnished a living for early residents, to today’s agricultural, commercial and manufacturing endeavors, Headland has been a progressive city.

The removal of local trees led to the planting of corn, cotton and finally peanuts to the area. As with many other southeast Alabama towns, the peanut brought prosperity to Headland, and laid the groundwork for an agribusiness-based economy that continues to this day.

Accompanying the agriculture outlook today are numerous manufacturing, service and retail endeavors which work together to keep the economic outlook bright. It’s location near highway, rail, water and air centers serves the city well in promoting industry.

Headland was incorporated as a town in 1884 and a city in 1893. Moving into its second hundred years the city is enjoying a rebirth as a new generation of native Headland residents is joined by many residents relocating from other areas. New ideas are bringing change to Headland, and the city is opening its doors to progress.

Moving deeper into the new millennium, you are invited to become part of our growing city. Bring your ideas. Bring your creativity. Bring your optimism. And be sure that you and your families will be welcome as Headland continues to open its doors to the future.

Industries welcome! We have your site!

If you’re an industry looking for a welcoming location, look no further than Headland and Henry County.

When locating in Headland, an industry will find itself near highway, air, rail and water transportation sites. It will also find an excited, dependable and hard-working labor force just waiting for the opportunity to prove itself. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The City of Headland works with the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama to keep current sites and properties available for viewing. We make this information available on this website as well as direct links to the EDPA site.

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