Message from the Chief

Chief Mark D Jones

Welcome to the Headland Police Department Home Page. I am pleased to have this opportunity to personally welcome you to our Web Site.

Here on the Web Site, you have a chance to learn about the daily functions of the Police Department as well as the opportunity to visit some of our specialized divisions. This site also provides you with the ability to look at some of our special programs such as Vacation Residential Watch Program, Non Emergency Patrol Request, D.A.R.E. Program, G.R.E.A.T. Program as well as the ability to communicate directly to my office.

It is my commitment to lead this Department with a vision of dedication to make our City a safe place to reside and to visit. Insuring a “Quality for a Lifetime” is a cooperative effort. The department’s mission, vision and values cannot be completely efficient without the understanding, support, and the involvement of the community. We welcome any suggestions on how this site or our operations may be improved.

I am honored and proud to serve as Chief of Police. On behalf of the members of the Headland Police Department. Thank You for working with us to make Headland a great place to live and work.

Mark D. Jones
Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety